Moscow Motor Show 2018: 2 news and great changes

We immediately clarify that Moscow is not Russia.  The capital has beautiful streets, big and nasty sidewalks, more rubles turn and the buildings are mostly taken care of. There is attention to the appearance and the way of dressing. Especially from fifty years down. Outside, however, there is still so much … rural. St. Petersburg and a few other cities excluded. So be careful that in Russia there are very different needs. And since Russia is very, very big, it takes more than ten hours of plane to travel from east to west, it’s a real kaleidoscope where everyone can see what suits them best. Accomplice a past that has given birth to very different generations. Those who do not know much about Russia or who frequent it, at a first approach as well as getting lost because all road signs are in Cyrillic, can even be shocked. In the automotive sector, the Chinese are advancing, while the Hyundai and Kia Koreans have conquered important positions. Who dominates are the French with the Renault Group that has recently taken the majority of Lada. In 2017 Lada sold over 300 thousand cars, Kia 181 thousand and Hyundai 157.It follows Renault with more than 136 thousand units. Adding then Lada and Renault here is that the French House sits on the top step. The Americans had started to conquer ten years ago but they have retraced. The Germans live as medians in the large-volume segment with Volkswagen driven by Toyota , a leader in the high-end segment . On the top of the range you must also add that Land Rover is on the rise. Italians? Moderately present in hyper luxury.

The streets of Moscow are well kept, those outside … let’s talk about it. It is no coincidence that SUVs and four-wheel drive are well-chosen. Also because the weather is certainly not forgiving for many months a year. It is no coincidence that Renault in Russia proposes the modelFour-wheeled captur i. If you look at the cars that circulate in Moscow depopulated Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover. But as has been specified, Moscow is not Russia, and outside the capital it is the land of … Lada. Olga’s husband’s car was a Lada. Olga, the Russian who dreamed of pantyhose, the grandmother of Irina’s daughter. In the sixties and seventies for Olga the west was a mirage like the pantyhose. Then at the age of forty, at the beginning of the eighties, he managed, but for a short time, to cross the iron curtain. To get out of Russia Olga could not leave with her daughter Irina, because there was the risk that she would never come back, bewitched by the sirens of the West. Therefore, daughter Irina stayed home as a hostage, along with her dad. And Olga could not stay more than a few days outside of Russia because in those years there were strict rules. Olga had only two clothes when she left but her suitcase was large because when she came back she carried everything. Also because at the customs they had to open the suitcase something had to leave to those who controlled it not to be requisitioned all his purchases. Olga was not the Russian you see today: she was so tall and blonde, but her hair was ruffled, her hands were not well groomed and her feet were not wearing dizzy heels. Her husband worked for the government, he had a role, and even had the car, Lada in fact.

A four-door that recalls “for a long time you had to start pushing because the battery was gone and to have it in a short time the only possibility was to resort to the black market, but my husband did not want! And when you parked it under the building, it was a good habit to remove the windshield wiper blades because there was a high risk of not finding them the next morning. “Olga lived in a twelve-story building, gray outside and even deeper inside. A sitting room, a bedroom and a bathroom. The state gave it. At the beginning he was cared for and it was a dream for them. Between Russia and the West the borders had barbed wire , guards who looked bad and cars were not very much in circulation. Also in Piazza Rossa. There were the regime’s Moscovich , sedan-shaped sedans, only black. Around a few Lada who were none other than the former Fiat 124 produced in Togliattingrad . A city dedicated to the Italian politician who favored the agreement between Fiat and the Russian government that blossomed in the late sixties to give Russia a car factory. Since then, so much water under the bridges has passed. Today Olga is a grandmother. It is always in a skyscraper but definitely more modern and with a closet full of clothes all in strong colors.His daughter Irina got married but also separated. He lives in Saint Tropez and moves by private jet. He does not come back willingly to Russia, he lives in pomp. Olga’s niece, Irina’s daughter, flies instead with airliners, in economy where we met her. He lives in Austria and often returns to Moscow from grandma and dad.

He does not dream of pantyhose but leave a trace on the planet of his passage. He hopes to become an established narrator but also fascinates photography. With it brings old original images taken in Vienna during the reconstruction after the second world war. Olga’s niece tells her that she found them in a flea market and so impressed her that she enrolled in a photography course. Olga’s niece to move to Moscow uses the subway, clean and tidy like no other,with the stops next to the Red Square that are reminiscent of the French ones. There is a lot of Bell’Epoque also because the Russians of French charm are so sensitive. The order and cleanliness that exists today in Moscow is strikingas it does not leave indifferent when you go up or down the escalators of the subway because there is a row for the perfect static and a free for those who want to move faster. Who stands still is positioned on the right, on the left the lane for those in a hurry. Olga’s niece is a river in flood and tells that the trams do not cancel both the old, now few, and the new ones, both blue. He does not like the car because he is in traffic for hours but will go to the Moscow salon with his dad. On the metropolitan theme, he recommends it as quicker and less expensive. When asked how his mom moves, he twists his nose and mouth, because he only uses Bentley. Olga’s grandson feels secure in Moscow, and indeed the perception that one has when traveling around the capital is confirmed. There is an abyss between how Olga’s daughter and niece lives, but also as a reason. So as not to seem mother and daughter. Looking around there are so many women who wear pantyhose, with a crazy heat, and think of Olga, her daughter and her niece. To those very different women.

The sky is clear in Moscow in these days held the motor show. There is an incredible order and a really crazy cleaning. The traffic is heavy, there are many but many cars. Hyundai and Kia meet because after Lada the Korean brands are the ones that sell the most together with Renault . The Porsche there are but there are more Range , many Velar. Mercedes and BMW there are several, less Audi and in fact to go and see the sales charts the House of Four Rings is quite detached from other German rivals. Every year Mercedes places more than forty thousand cars, BMW thirty thousand, Audi just over fifteen thousand.Around them many Lada, they sell more than 300 thousand, and especially Renault that also sells the Dacia models and that is at the top of the sales ranking thanks to the factory near Moscow opened in 2006 and that produces several four wheels that we sell with the Dacia brand and who is specializing in SUVs. Renault is investing heavily in Russia and hopes that sales will soon increase and Russia will become its first market find car covers for vehicles. Nicolas Maure is the supreme director and is convinced above all because his words ” in Russia there is still love for the car “. Attention that spoke of Russia and not of Moscow. Out of Moscow so there is still so much hungry cars, a lot of passion. The hopes are high.It only needs to pull the economy a little more, or perhaps it would also be a fairer thing that wealth should be better distributed, but that applies to almost the whole world.

Renault should not forget that it has recently invested in Lada making it his own and with it has conquered the Togliattingrad plant, an excellent picklock. Olga’s niece brought her dad to see the Moscow Motor Show. This year’s edition sees the debut of the Renault Arkana . A coupe SUV that looks like a carbon copy of a Mercedes GLC. Maybe it will arrive in Italy too but for the moment it is dedicated to this market where the Renault group is sure to come back to two million again within one to two years. Always that embargo and quarrels between political leaders do not put a hand. Renault Arkana is striking for the style of Van Den Hacker, the man who changed the face of the Renault but under the beautiful dress is the usual mechanics (engines, gear …) that serves products like Kaptur but also so many Dacia. About Kaptur: in Russia it is sold with the K in place of C. Kaptur is assembled in the Moscow plant as will happen for Arkana. It was written assembled because engines and transmissions come from France and Romania, the sheets from external suppliers: in short, the plant in Moscow is as it was once said “a screwdriver factory” but there is as said Toglattingrad.

At the Moscow show Lada discovers 4×4 Vision that prefigures the evolution of Niva . A car certainly iconic like a Land but also exaggerating the Porsche 911, because since 1976 has left track for its contents thanks to reduced and blocks of the differential like a Mercedes G-Class. The model unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show is a very but very captivating concept. A little ‘for the hyper-magnified fenders, a little’ because it always has headlights and “eyelashes” as high as tradition requires but above all for the balance of volumes. Talking about mechanics is still early because they are deciding how to do it but the intention is always to keep it as an off-road specialist. Asked if he will keep the reduced, if he keeps the lockable differentials, the No. 1 of Lada Yves Caracatzanis said: “We will keep the great off-road skills but say with which tools we do not yet know.” We hope well do not rely on electronics and brakes to emulate mechanical differentials and reduced gears, which remain the best solution when you want to move on steep slopes.At the Moscow show there was also talk with the Chinese but they have a marginal role and difficulty in distribution that does not predict their success in the short term. The Americans, General Motors and Ford are not at the show. Skoda and Toyota are also absentand many others. It is said that their absence is due to the high costs of this saloon but also to the concern about the real economic situation and tariffs. Speaking of economy: the Russians start to pay the car with the installments, the share for this type of purchase is around 30%. Curiously because when everything was better, around 2008, the Russians paid cash. There are those who complain that cash money there are less around or better in the hands of only a very few. At the Moscow show virtually no luxury brands. Only a minimal presence in the section linked to the mobility of tomorrow by Porsche and Jaguar with electric proposals but also a lot of attention to connectivity. If you ask the reason for this absence, some say why the rich today are contacted directly.

Olga’s granddaughter’s dad is disappointed with this salon because he expected to see more dream cars. The smile was found in the pavilion dedicated to the super flagship that also serves Putin, the Aurus, all made in Russia and full of ideas taken from Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 but also Rolls. Talk with your daughter about how strong Russia is. Her daughter shrugs and does not seem to welcome her father’s words with enthusiasm. Father and daughter head to the electric mobility section but they stare at her. In Russia almost all of them go to gasoline and only recently has the government pushed on methane, even for the rich deposits it has. Lada has many models fueled with this fuel and wants to take this position on the CNG as an opportunity. If outside of Russia the Renault Group pushes on the electric, here it is not mentioned and we look at the methane.Confirming that on the subject feeds and the environment there is no common rule in the world but needs or better interests that do not coincide. China marries electricity for mobility, the US petrol, Russia, methane … Europe ??? Summarizing the 2018 Moscow show was not the best edition and it will not be the one that will go down in history, but so many ideas are offered, always.